We have the expertise and experience to clear a site in preparation for further work and development that is being carried out upon it. With increased development happening right across Colchester and the surrounding areas, the need for local and trusted experts in site clearance is of vital importance.

Ensuring you have the right people, delivering the best service, and a competitive price is key to the highest quality outcome for your site clearance job: The Garden Tamer is just that company who can deliver, every time.

From the clearance of unwanted materials, rubbish and waste, to the clearing away of vegetation and surface soil, we can ensure your site is cleared to the highest standard, with all materials disposed of safely and efficiently.

Whether it is a large, difficult, or complex site, we will provide the very best in service, customer care, attention to detail, and outcome.

Speak to us today to find out how we can help deliver your site clearance job. 

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